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Name: Gear Box Of Rotary Cultivator

Type: FM-50C

Product Specifications:

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Performance and Application
FM-50C Gear Box of Rotary Cultivator, with compact structure and easy operation, has the advantage of strong output power, heavy carrying capacity and reliable steering &braking performance. It applies to combine harvester within 2.5 meter cutting width.

Technical Parameters
Model: FM-50C
Gear Type: combined (3+1)×2
Weight: 175kg
Clutch Pulley Diameter: Φ210mm, Φ268mm
Clutch Pulley Model: B type
Clutch: 3 joint friction plates
Braking: paper-based wet plate braking
Lubrication: No.68 abrasion resistant hydraulic oil
Steering Brake: mono-axial linkage
Max. Output Torque of Single-side Drive Shaft: 2000N.m
Screw: 8.8-grade performance level
Nut: 10-grade performance level